OGC will disrupt the gaming industry – OGC open transaction global online gaming industry is about to be upended

November 01 20:50 2018
OGC open transaction global online gaming industry is about to be upended


The OGC mining started officially on October 8, 2018, and seven days later (October 15, 2018), the Millenniun.org trading platform opened the OGC trading platform. On the day of its launch, the trading volume exceeded 5 million yuan. The decentralization of online games, the creation of the world’s first online games public chain, and the subversion of the traditional online games industry, caused a sensation around the world.

I – What is OGC?

OGC is a completely free, open and transparent decentralized blockchain platform. The development of the online game industry so far and the over-centralization of game developers has made the problems of high expenditure and low return of game players and the guarantee of rights and interests more prominent. In a short period of time, the game based on ethereum underlying technology blockchain has swept the global game market. However, many problems such as weak experience, imitation and low efficiency of underlying technology quickly become the pain point in the minds of game lovers.

The OGC development team, while witnessing the rapid technological innovation of the game industry, is also deeply aware of the disadvantages of centralized management, that is, all the right to speak is held by operators. Based on the original intention of fighting for players’ rights and interests, OGC was finally positioned as the world’s first technology-driven blockchain game industry ecological platform after repeated technology development and research and business model discussion.

II – What can OGC do?

1. OGC builds a powerful community platform

The game starts in the community, and OGC builds a co-construction, sharing and highly active decentralized community. In such a community, all participants will be synergistic, value – sharing. And OGC can provide a trusted and secure environment that can address trust issues for players, game producers and publishers.

2. OGC has created a new industry pattern

The entire OGC platform will form a flow value cycle. Without centralized control of developers, players can exercise their right of speech, break the imbalance between players and developers’ rights and interests, and enable the rights and interests of game players to get the most powerful guarantee.

3. OGC is the cornerstone of trust in the online gaming industry

OGC tokens provide the platform with a trusted and secure environment that can address the trust issues of players, game producers and publishers and facilitate the development of new games and emerging independent companies.

4. OGC is completely open and transparent

OGC users monetize their communities through rewards, in-game purchases, etc. Players are rewarded through socialization and by being valuable contributors. The OGC platform will provide a fully open source SDK for multiple languages, wallet and payment platforms.

OGC has a crazy ambition

For players, virtual assets can be transferred and traded across borders, online players can move assets between games and communities, and can actually increase the value of smart wallets while playing games. Anyone can make and trade virtual goods online on the game community creation platform.

III – Prospect of OGC

Now the basic structure design of OGC is nearly completed, and it is mainly used for OGC partners to develop and improve the online game platform and related applications. It is moving towards the new stage of increasing the basic system for supporting network maintenance and game players. In the future, the OGC will be fully open to develop token, carry out the development of social sports and entertainment, launch the test platform and start serving the majority of games, complete the launching of the main network and fully serve the whole game industry and other challenges. As a pioneer of the OGC online game blockchain game industry, it will take the responsibility of game players to create a more fair, just and open and transparent game service environment.

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