After realizing the power of meditation in dealing with grief, Monty Cholmeley develops an app to help more people

November 02 01:50 2018

About 10 years ago, Monty Cholmeley was dealing with his father’s sickness and found himself in a totally helpless situation when he discovered the power of meditation. He practiced it for years and years and finally developed the minding app that is now on the App store to enable more people to take advantage of meditation to live a better and happier life.


Ten years ago, climbing up the hospital stairs, awash with vivid feelings of fear and worry, Monty Cholmeley was trying to fix his dad’s terminal cancer in his head.

Mid-way up, he remembered reading something:

“We try to fix the outside so much, but our control of the outer world is limited, temporary, and often, illusory.” Matthieu Ricard (ex-molecular scientist, now Buddhist monk).

“Despite knowing we can’t generally control what’s going on around us, we still waste hours trying to do so – in our heads. Making mental stories to fix situations or sending ourselves postcards from the future full of ifs and maybes”.

Back in the hospital, Monty wasn’t in control. He couldn’t fix any of what was going on. Like many of us, he just felt that to survive the situation; he had to control it.

“The moment I accepted that I wasn’t in control” recalls Monty, “the weight in my chest lifted.” The situation was still terrible, but this realization shifted it from utterly unbearable to just about workable. It freed up enough headspace to allow him to act, rather than being utterly consumed by negative emotions. He walked up the stairs and tried to spend as much time with his Dad as he could. He died three weeks later.

Monty started meditating after that. “It helped me to be present with my grief in a way that made it manageable.” he says, continuing, “Pretty soon, I noticed that it has this effect on everything: anything that gets in the way of life becomes manageable if you meditate.”

Mindful Meditation takes the notion of not being in control one step further by training the meditator’s mind in the art of letting go; allowing the meditator to drop everything that’s not immediately relevant to them, allowing them to think with more clarity and make better decisions.

Ten years later, Monty found the meditation he learnt so beneficial that he’s turned it into an innovative new meditation app, called minding.

There are many mindfulness apps, but these have mostly been set up by investors, which means they need to have expensive subscriptions to keep everyone happy. Monty turned down funding so he could make one that teaches the incredible meditation that he learned for less than the price of two posh coffees.

“Reality check. You and I are not in control of our lives. Markets will crash, jobs will be lost, relationships will falter and break down, life won’t go as you planned it – this is life in all its technicolor glory.  The solution? When you’re well meditated and well versed in the art of letting go, you’re giving yourself the quality of mind to be better able to make the most out of any situation – not by controlling, but by adapting to it”.

Minding features 

• Five stages covering: Calm, Focus, and Anxiety + Stress

• Daily coaching via a fifty-five-day course

• Uses elements of mindfulness and self-compassion

• Can achieve benefits in less than 15 mins a day

• App also offers shorter ‘on the go’ meditations: walking, commuting etc. to help fit into your life, whatever is going on

• Not funded by investors = good value + no subscriptions

Testimonials from users

“I’m so happy to have found minding. The app has proved to be a friendly and useful guide and provided me with all the tools I need to develop my meditation practice.” – Dr. Anna Mead (beta tester)

“This app has made me calmer and more focused. I am loving the advantages of meditation and having the shorter meditations has been invaluable when time has been short. I cannot recommend this calming and informative meditation app enough.” – Lizzie Gowland (beta tester)

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