Patricia Daiker, a Diabetes Management Coach and Founder of Dragonfly Lights is Giving Away Free eBook Containing Key Strategies for Managing Diabetes

November 09 01:45 2018
Patricia wants to help people with diabetes live a happy and carefree life and that is why she is sharing her key strategies for managing diabetes in her free eBook.

8 Nov, 2018 – Dallas, Texas – When a person discovers that he/she has diabetes, the realization hits them pretty hard. They do not just get affected by diabetes physically, but it is the emotional suffering that makes them lose hope for achieving all of their lifelong goals. But the one thing that they don’t realize is that they are not alone in this battle. There are millions of people going through the same. In fact, in just the United States, 10 million adults are now living with diabetes and virtually all of them are living a normal life. This shows that there is HOPE for everyone and that diabetes can be managed. And to help people learn to better manage their diabetes Dragonfly Lights was established.

Dragonfly Lights is a diabetes coaching company established by Patricia Daiker who is a registered nurse living with Type 1 diabetes.  Being a nurse, she used to take care of people who had diabetes on a daily basis, but when she got diabetes by herself, she struggled with the day to day issues she was facing. After a combination of trial and error, research, tenacity, pushback, some begging and lots of tears she finally developed key diabetes management strategies that she has discussed in her free eBook “The Keys to Successful Management of Diabetes.” Instead of keeping this to herself, she decided to fight back and help millions of people better manage their diabetes as well.

The eBook is a gift from Patricia to people with diabetes. She has added several valuable things in her eBook, and everything in it is highly relatable for everyone suffering from diabetes. Most of the eBooks that are available in the market talk about this chronic illness medically. Although it is essential to be aware of medical facts, knowing them is not just enough. People need to know facts and strategies for diabetes management outside of medical perspective, and that is what they will find in her free eBook.

“If you are part of the “diabetes club” I want you to know I am sorry this happened to you. It adds a level of stress and inconvenience to your life that no one should have to deal with. Consider yourself hugged. I want you to know that there is always hope for “better” in whatever that means to you. Better attitude, better acceptance, better understanding, better coping, better motivation, and better communication. And when those things get better, I have found that living with diabetes gets a whole lot better as well. Consider this Ebook my gift to you. You deserve to live your best life.”
 – Patricia Daiker, RN, BC

To know more about Patricia or to get her services including Diabetes Coaching, visit or contact her via 320-365-1317.

About Company:

Dragonfly Lights, LLC is owned by Patricia Daiker, a registered nurse and healthcare IT professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Their mission is to change how people think about and deal with diabetes by teaching coping skills, change management strategies and providing emotional support. Dragonfly Lights can help people with diabetes (PWD) improve their diabetes outlookthanks to Patricia’s experience in providing innovative, yet simple solutions to many complex processes in healthcare, along with her keen insight into human behavior and motivation. In addition, as a Type 1 Diabetic, Patricia brings her compassion and understanding to the reality of day-to-day life with diabetes.

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