Tang Palace – Speaks to the World on Behalf of Nanning in Times Square, New York

November 09 02:25 2018
Cover Luxury Housing of Nanning on the World Cover

On November 10, the huge poster that highlights the great strength of brand and power of Chinese luxury housing, in a graceful manner, arrived at NASDAQ and Reuters’s “World Top Screen” in Times Square, New York, praised as Crossroads of the World, to present the charm of oriental aesthetics to the world again and reemphasize the charm of Tang Dynasty as the world focus. During the past few days, it has been successively transferred by more than 300 local medias, such as ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Tang Palace was honored with the glory of Asia Property Awards and swept across the global field of public opinion, at which Tang Palace reclaimed the definition of top luxury housing and a type of top life style around the world started.

Shoulder the Responsibility of a Super Power on the World Cover

Times Square, New York, located at the heartland of Manhattan, is regarded as the most eye-catching window of the world on account of its visitors flowrate of hundreds of millions of people per year. Brands and enterprises from all over the world appear here to show their brilliance to the world. Experience China was also on here, through which it can be inferred that the influence of Times Square is competent for the responsibility of a super power.

As China came back to top of the world in the posture of a super power, Tang Palace, with Asia Property Awards as the offering and the whole skyline of Manhattan as the background, displays the residential civilization of a great oriental power and promotes the world to dream of the East again and the brilliance of Tang Dynasty to illuminate the world again.

Conquer the Top Luxury Housing in New York, Release the Global Influence

As the largest city of America and the world’s financial center, New York is praised by the world as “Conquer New York, Conquer the World”. If it is possible to conquer the top luxury housing worth billions of dollars in New York, it is possible to actually conquer the vision of world’s top circles worth billions of dollars and shock the world. As the masterpiece of Dynasty Property of 33 years and TOP-class luxury housing of China, it has developed from the cover urban luxury housing of Nanning King to the winner of Asia Property Awards, the top award of Asia property, that shows up in Times Square, New York to release the global influence. Each award is illustrating that Tang Palace has already been listed in the world luxury housing and speaks to the world on behalf of Chinese luxury housing. Since then, there is one more choice of luxury housing, Tang Palace, for the top world circles.

Tang Palace, Nanning Cover that Speaks to the World

Nanning, from the permanent host city of CHINA-ASEAN Exposition, the important portal of “the Belt, the Road”, to the core urban cluster of Pan-Beibu Gulf, is playing a more and more significant role in global economy and has given out the unique charm of a global city.

Tang Palace, the luxury housing of Nanning King, with its prospective vision of urban development and land values, locates at South Fengling of ASEAN Business Area, north to Nanning Boulevard the urban truck road, west to Qingxiu Road and Shimen Forest Park, and south to Scenic Zone of Qingxiu District. It is the center of great urban pattern of “One Center, Five Streets and Twelve Parks”. It is not only the center of the city, but is also the important base of global capital. With location here, the urban influence of Tang Palace is self-evident.

Cast the masterpiece of the times, salute to the powerhouse of the times. Cooperated with the global powers, such as Liang Zhitian LSD, Ling Zida KLID and Shanghai PTArchitects, Tang Palace has gathered the wisdom around the world and precipitated the time-tested urban cover work with impeccable product power. It is competent for arousing the worship of the world, accomplishing the appearance and renown of contemporary significance, or even dominating the top living standards of one city, which exactly results from its sense of worth of ceaseless pursuit for extreme and the stretching gene of luxury housing.

Tang Palace, the cover work that speaks to the world on behalf of Nanning, is approaching for whoever develops along with the times. 5# Phoenix Palace 9#3 Zichen Community 170-194 m2(construction area). Celebrities will visit the housing upon the grand opening and honorable guests are invited to appreciate and collect.

Please contact at: 0771-5779888

Project address: Tongguling Road 5, Qingxiu District (east gate of Li Ning Sports Park)

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