Impactful Health launches the 15 Stage Shower Filter on Amazon

November 09 03:55 2018

Leading makers of environmentally-friendly products, Impactful Health, announces the launch of its flagship product, a shower water softener filter – the 15 Stage Shower Filter on Amazon

Impactful Health is an innovative company that provides lifestyle products designed to enhance healthier, happier living, consequently helping users to be more impactful to the world. As part of the company’s goals of creating an environment that is as natural as possible, Impactful Health has announced the launch of its 15 Stage Shower Filter, a shower head filter designed to remove harmful contents present in the water.

The importance of water to the human existence cannot be overemphasized, with some quarters describing it as life. While water remains an important element for a healthy and happy living, statistics have shown that healthy water is not as accessible as it should. These statistics have also revealed that the water that comes out of many taps across the globe are hard, containing harmful elements such as heavy metals and toxins like chlorine and fluoride that are harmful to humans. This is where Impactful Health is looking to create a healthier, happier living with the launch of its high pressure 15 stage shower water filter.

The shower Filter for hard water is a water softener that removes harmful elements in the water while keeping the water stream pressure high, a rare feature in many of the available water filters in the market. Designed to ensure safe and effective showering/bathing water purification, the filter is compatible with handheld and universal shower head and can be easily installed within minutes.

The amazing benefits of the water filter in addition to the removal of harmful contents from the water include increased oxygen content, far infrared rays and the release of negative ions that consequently help in improving metabolism, blood pressure, as well as the health of the skin and hair.

The package comes with 2 cartridges (and one extra bonus) included, to ensure buyers enjoy having a healthy bath for as long as possible without the frequent replacement of cartridges. The amazing quality of the product has helped to increase its popularity with buyers across the globe with accolades coming from different quarters.

“I ordered it on 7 Oct and arrived on 10 Oct, only took 3 days for delivery, didn’t expect it to arrive so fast! Great! My shower came with a long tub but still, it was super easy to install, no leakage at all! I felt the difference in the water, by the taste and smell itself I believe it has removed lots of bad stuffs from the water! AWESOME!” says healthyleung on Amazon.

The shower filter is currently available on Amazon for buyers across the globe.

More information about the 15 Stage Shower Filter and other products from the company can be found on their website.

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Impactful Health is an innovative company that specializes in creating useful, impactful products for the health of people across the globe, helping everyone and anyone to be more impactful to the world.

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