Pan Troglodytes Released a Self-Help Book to Improve Speakers and Writers Communication Skill

November 09 04:15 2018

Tucker, GA – Nov 8, 2018 – Pan Troglodytes is a board-certified internal medicine doctor and author. Troglodytes has recently published his book titled English First: How to Not Talk Like a Christian Yuppie. The book was published September 28, 2018, and it is now available at major online bookstores.

In English First, author Pan Troglodytes provides a guide for learning to talk and write like a humble Christian, in American English. Using both the Bible and the dictionary as resources, Troglodytes shows how to avoid using vague words, jargon, redundancies, and other overly contrived, complicated, or awkward words that make people look pretentious, conceited, ignorant, and foolish.

In addition to Troglodyte’s coaching Christians to speak correctly and simply, English First will also provide an interpretation of words, phrases, and passages in the Bible that speak to today’s issues of abortion, homosexuality, and corporal punishment in child rearing.

I listened to the Verbal Advantage program by Charles Elster, and I want to teach people how to avoid common errors in grammar.”- Pan Troglodytes.

Troglodyte’s book provides a host of examples to help speakers and writers keep their speech and writing plain and simple. It discusses misuses and mispronunciations of words and explains their true meaning and use in American English. English First, will help every reader improve on their communication skill.

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About Pan Troglodytes

Pan Troglodytes is a board-certified internal medicine doctor. The author was born in Saigon, Vietnam; raised in Miami, Florida. He had his undergraduate and medical school at the University of Miami. Troglodytes had his residency at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia.

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