Jeremiah F. Stephens has employed his abilities to put forward a collection of Poetic Psalms to help people rekindle their faith in Christian Path

February 29 00:09 2020
Read the enlightening poems to equip yourself well to face the trials and tribulations of life!

Wisconsin, USA – Jeremiah F. Stephens is an author who has produced a literary masterpiece named ‘No Greater Love, No Greater Sacrifice’ that can serve as an inspirational book for the Christian community. The book is a collection of Poetic Psalms and real-life short stories that instill the wonders of faith in the hearts of its readers. If you are a person aiming to develop spiritually then this book is definitely going to help you.

In (John 16:33) Jesus warns His followers that in the world everyone will face trials and tribulations. At the same time, He instructs them to be of good cheer because according to Him, their struggles will not overcome them. Here we learn that everyone will face difficult circumstances in life which might lead them to question their faith. The author, through his book is trying to convince his brethren in faith that the key to overcoming the challenges of life is to keep our eyes on Jesus and His unconditional love for us. Making Jesus the center of our lives will turn the tides in our favor. All we need to do is accept the love that Jesus carries for us and we will be able to develop all the strength we need to face any challenge life throws at us.

This collection of Psalms will work as a continuous source of inspiration and enlightenment. The stories present within this literary piece will give its readers hope and firmness of belief in Jesus’ miracles. The author believes that this book is not like any other book. In his words: “Relying on Jesus is the key to sustaining our faith and maintaining our Christian walk. Many books on the market today, offer a collection of encouraging sermons, personal life stories, and self-help material all aimed at encouraging those who are struggling with their faith. This book of poems, however, will be a collection of short poems that can act as personal everyday faith confessions. Rather than reading an encouraging sermon from a chapter out of a book, this poetry collection will offer short sections that readers can easily navigate too, remember, and even sing to themselves throughout the day as they encourage themselves. The collection of poems within this book is written in a popular, conventional style. The different poetic structures and lyrics make it easily accessible to those who don’t know much about the Bible while providing a message that is evangelical, theologically accurate, and culturally relatable.”

‘No Greater Love, No Greater Sacrifice – A Collection of Poetic Psalms’ is available for sale on Amazon. It was published on Feb 15, 2020, in English.

About the Book:

‘No Greater Love, No Greater Sacrifice – A Collection of Poetic Psalms’ is a spiritual book that can serve as a constant reminder to Christians to keep their faith firm in the mercy of Jesus.

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