Sparkfish Claims Numerous Factors Contribute to Custom Software Development Pricing Variances

March 12 12:39 2020
Sparkfish Claims Numerous Factors Contribute to Custom Software Development Pricing Variances
Software Development Pricing Variances Explained

Addison, Texas – March 12, 2020 – Many businesses seeking out custom software development are confused by the price variances in the market. It may sound convoluted, but many factors contribute to the price variances that businesses may have to deal with when hiring a software dev company.

The common assumption by many business owners is that hiring a custom software development company, or a mobile app development firm is a simple matter of paying by the hour or a fixed price. However, in the custom software development world, things work very differently, and consequently, so does pricing.

Time Considerations

Time is a crucial factor. The more complex a software project is, in general, the more time it will take to complete and the more money it will cost. Software development firms like Sparkfish will often consider the least amount of time it will take to complete a project and offer an estimate accordingly. However, factors like the changing needs of a client can extend the ‘time to delivery’ of a project and consequently, up its pricing.

Since Sparkfish puts clients directly in contact with the development team, it is often the case that the client may ask the team to add additional features, for instance. Adding that feature may require a few more hours or a few more weeks which factors into the pricing.

Software Development Project Complexity

Some software development projects will end up being more complex than others. It will require more seasoned developers to work on it, and that ups the accumulated work hours of the team. Some projects may require the use of multiple programming languages, which adds another layer of mandatory complexity. That’s why more extensive and complex software development projects cost more and with added complexity, the price steadily increases.

Sparkfish explains that the best way to make sure that the price of development does not steadily go up beyond a business’s budget is to be clear on what is needed from the beginning. That’s why Sparkfish schedules an initial consultation, which allows the team to discuss a business’s needs and then decide on a course of action. Business owners and their associated IT managers should walk into the initial consultation, knowing precisely what they need.

Customization Vs. Custom Development

Finally, many businesses may not need custom software development but instead, a piece of software customized to meet their needs. Sparkfish partners with many leading software manufacturers and offers customization that best meets a business’s needs. Customizing software is cheaper as compared to getting it developed from scratch.

Software development pricing depends on what businesses want and need. Sparkfish’s team can help companies to decide on what is needed and then work on developing the required software. Business owners can schedule an initial consultation over the phone and then meet the team to discuss their needs in person.


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