Treat Planet Brings Great Looking, Great Tasting Treats to Dogs

February 26 17:42 2015
Not only are Treat Planet’s snacks healthy and natural, but they’re bringing visual appeal to marketing thanks to their award-winning packaging.

If you’ve been in a pet store lately, or even if you’ve just browsed the pet aisles of your local grocery and department stores, you’ve likely noticed that products for pets occupy high status, both in financial commerce and in emotional affection. Today’s pets are adored members of the family, a fact that’s reflected in popular commercial outlets and the marketing campaigns that entice buyers. Pets may eat the food and treats, but humans buy it, and that means that products need to appeal to dual sensibilities. “As pets continue to be a bigger and bigger part of American families, more retailers are looking for ways to cater to the pet market,” explains Doug Martin, President of Treat Planet.

Treat Planet appears to have figured out the formula for success. One of those approaches is through a visual appeal that attracts the customer’s eye. Treat Planet is pleased to learn that inside and out, their products and packages are award winners. Graphic Design USA’s magazine honored Treat Planet’s Etta Says! Yumms and Lil’ Blitz packages as winners in the 2015 American Package Design Awards.

Graphic Design USA has been sponsoring design competitions for more than five decades. The competitions spotlight opportunities for creative professionals while celebrating attractively designed packages that demonstrate the power of design to advance the promise of the brand while building a bond with the buyer. Treat Planet’s prize packaging will be making appearances on all of the GDUSA’s media outlets as well as online for an estimated more than 100,000 readers. 

The quality packaging on the exterior that appeals to pet owners is matched by what’s provided inside for pet palates. Just as pet owners have become more conscious of health and wellness, they’ve included their pets in lifestyle innovations that embrace natural products and a diversity of menu choices. Treat Planet products are natural and eco-friendly, delivering nothing less than the best with their three premium brands. Etta Says! features premium chews and all-natural treats. Hare of the Dog treats bring 100% rabbit to the canine palate. Snicky Snaks are USDA organic.

We all like a little variety on our plates. Why would our pets be any different? Treat Planet pet treats deliver a gastronomic variety that’s sure to appeal to canine tastes; their products are created with duck, deer and rabbit. It’s all part of the Treat Planet goal to be the most innovative treat company on the planet. You’ll notice the beauty of the packaging, but some things haven’t changed. That wagging tail is for what’s waiting inside.

Treat Planet will be on hand for the March Global Pet Expo in Orlando, when the American Pet Products Association and the Pet Industry Distributors Association present the pet industry’s largest annual trade show. 

About Treat Planet

Treat Planet ( distributes three different brands of premium dog treats across the North American continent. The company’s all-natural products are as tasty in flavor as they are attractive in appearance so that they’re visually appealing in merchandising displays. The expansion of the pet industry has been a boon to the gift market as well, and Treat Planet’s stellar standards transform traditional expectations of what pet food should look and taste like. Treat Planet brands are available at independent pet and non-pet retailers across country, as well as online.


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