Hip Hop Clothing – The Beginning of a New Era with Milestones reached in Hip Hop Music

February 27 11:31 2015

USA – 27 Feb, 2015 – The complete blend of Hip-Hop cultures and South Asian musical influences is what we call Desi Hip-Hop. http://www.desihiphop.com is the platform that does the job of empowering Hip-Hop movement globally in countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It presents Koi Ni Parwa’s official music video by Haji Springer and Bohemia Coming to the different desi videos and albums it can rightly be said that The Desi Hip Hop Industry has been taken by storm with the “Koi Ni Parwa” music video.

The official music video is by Bohemia, the popular Punjabi rapper and Haji Springer. Both Bohemia and Haji Springer are Desi artists based in California. The artists are working together on the music video “Koi Ni Parwa” and also on three singles from Survivor– studio album by Haji Springer in the year 2015. This studio album by Haji Springer quickly ruled the Hip Hop industry and is available on a number of prints and online outlets. It has also been called one of the most projected Desi Hip Hop albums of the year by Rolling Stone India magazine.

“Koi Ni Parwa” is one of the most famous songs from the studio album Survivor. Recently, Bohemia and Haji Springer came into close collaboration with DesiHipHop.com for the mega release of their music video shot in California. It is a music video featuring a very exclusive character part by Gujubhai. The music video has been shot and even directed by Ben Griffen- the famous man behind directing videos for award winning artists like Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, T.I, rick Ross, Tyga, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Big Sean, Waka Flocka and many more. Now Desi Hip Hop fans have an easy access to the merchandise for Desi Hip Hop fans to access and the new line hip hop clothing with the launch of this video.

Desi Hip Hop fans now have the access to Desi t shirts, limited edition designs and hoodies available only for a very short frame of time. The hip hop clothing line that is in this season includes Desi 3M Glow-Grey and Black, Desi Graffiti T-shirt/Hoodie; I’M BZ T-shirt, Desi T, Women’s Desi T and Women’s Black and White T-shirt. 

Another popular line of music videos just released by the talented Haji Springer followed the release of the music video “Koi Ni Parwa”. The video is titled “Meri Bandook” and it also features Bohemia. The video made a very good impact on core fans during the end of the year 2014. Haji Springer gave a boost to the New Year celebrations by releasing his music videos that featured Desi R&B singer Sunny Boy. He is also ready with the release of his another single music video featuring the Los Angeles based artist AO.

It is fun watching the music video “Koi Ni Parwa” and at the same time it has a very huge impact. This is the time when the South Asian Desi Hip Hop Industry comprising of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh is buzzing with great energy and is also on the verge of becoming the next popular trend. Bohemia’s and Haji Springer’s involvement in this Desi Hip Hop Industry has also paved the way towards great success and has turned these artists into living legends. With the fast growing artists and fans in South Asia, Haji Springer and other artists are successfully making an impact that lasts for a lifetime.

DesiHipHop.com brings you the world of popular music videos and albums along with a fashionable line of hip hop clothing. You can have the experience of your lifetime with the amazing services that you get from this exclusive source. Use it as a platform and experience the enthralling Desi hip hop music of South Asia like never before.  

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